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Berserk since Attack Power change. (Ticket #180)

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This is moreso something I’ve noticed since the changes to attack power. Berserk seems to be coded simply to add strength (50) then recompute attack power. So instead of the old 1.5x damage + 5 strength I will instead just get a boost to damage equivalent to having 5 more strength. Seems to average about 4-8 more damage. Depending on weapon etc. This is basically the same thing as a death knights pray except their pray gives 3 strength then recomputes attack power, and lasts for about a minute longer and doesnt prevent flee or lower ac. Now I know that giving berserkers 1.5x damage with berserk with the new attack power formulas would make them hit probably too hard. I also know there isn’t a lot of time anymore to do these small class balance tasks. So i’d like to offer some hopefully easy suggestions to how berserk could be altered. 1. In keeping with a bloodlust theme, have berserk drain hp or regenerate the berserker while it’s active? Maybe similar to how death knights drain hp (they do bonus damage which also heals them, thus making them hit even harder than a berserker during berserk). 2. Spoke with Usagi about this, also my favorite option. 25% Chance during the 2minute berserk to hit 1 extra time per swing. That would go well with the berserkers frenzied fit of rage. It would also work with multi-hit weapons if you just added 1 hit instead of a chance to swing x 2.

Personally i think the 2nd option would fit with the class more, seeing as how when you berserk its do or die time. So having the chance to swing twice with a hit would help keep their damage up with the real heavy hitters, like pet classes and ranger/rogue/dk.

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