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Revisiting old skills from mobs. (Ticket #27)

Reported by Usagi
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The skills of old mobs do not do much damage. It’s convenient for players, but should probably be fixed. Newer mobs are working fine and pack a big punch.

(147 H 82 M): The runelord spirit elder blasts you with psychic energy!
You take 1 damage!
(211 H 114 M): 
Darsk the Nightshade Assassin (M) attempts to backstab you!
Darsk the Nightshade Assassin (M) backstabs you for 23 damage!
(260 H 62 M): 
The chosen iron golem tramples you for 5 damage!
(203 H 146 M): k
Using target: Anubis of Blood.
Anubis of Blood (M) locks his gaze on you.
You avoided %N’s petrifying gaze.
Anubis of Blood (M) locks his gaze on you.
His gaze turned you to stone!
(203 H 146 M): k
Using target: Anubis of Blood.
Your aquatic polearm glows with power against Anubis of Blood (M).
You hit Anubis of Blood (M) for 35 damage. <— hrm, I am supposed to be petrified?

I did not save or block on any of these (minus Anubis). I don’t know if the low damage physical attacks are just because armor is better now, but they should be doing more than this.

Darsk has always been awesome and should not backstab for 20 simply because you have good gear. Right now, I’d rather them do their skills than hit me. It shouldn’t be like that.

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