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Seomar Village Brownies faction. (Ticket #44)

Reported by Usagi
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When I was leveling Plu (M/T), Seomar Village was a really nice place to go level in the low 20s. It wasn’t accessible to everyone and there was cool stuff there. It was kind of strategic to hide from pkilling as well.

Ever since faction has been put in, you are penalized for killing brownies (which makes sense) but there is no good way to raise faction quickly and practically. There are mobs that do give faction, but they are extremely hard and require certain spells.


  • Decrease penalty for killing brownies.
  • Add more mobs that give Seomar Village Brownies faction.

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8 years and 2 months ago  by  Usagi  ·  Monday, December 12th, 2011 at 8:01 pm

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