Realms of Hell

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Hiding while searching. (Ticket #45)

Reported by Usagi
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Type Bug
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Component Skills
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This only works in the rooms with delayed search times (outlands, water rooms). It’s VERY trivial, but just silly.


The electric serpents take care of their own young, but at a
relatively early age, they place them in a hole where the young
serpents actually fight for their lives. There is limited food, and
only the strongest can survive. The electric serpents believe that
this weeding out process is the best way to ensure that their clan
is powerful. So far, it has worked.
Obvious exits: out.
You see an airy journal (M), an electric serpent egg.

(211 H 96 M): hide egg
You attempt to hide it.
You tuck an electric serpent egg into a corner.
(211 H 96 M): search
You begin searching.
(211 H 96 M): hide
You attempt to hide in the shadows.
You slip into the shadows unnoticed.
(211 H 96 M): 
You have become unhidden.
You found an electric serpent egg.

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